About Us

    Business safety both in its start-up stages and during its further development is one of the main success factors. In the age of constantly changing legislation, fluctuating political and economic situation it is impossible to provide such safety without support and assistance of highly skilled auditors, legal advisors, valuers and other experts.

    COLLEGIA group of companies includes:

    - UHY BusinessCollegia Audit Firm

    - Collegia Law Firm 

    - Valuers' Collegia Valuation Firm

    Professional credo of «COLLEGIA»® group of companies - “Legal. Competent. Confidential”. These words comprise confidence, based on knowledge and experience, that with our help you will manage to start up and develop your business feeling certain that decisions you make are right and safe.

    Our mission is to protect interests of our Clients in good faith and in a professional manner by rending high quality services; to facilitate increase of our Clients’ business profitability; effectively to make real profit in order to further develop our professional services and serve the interests of our Partners and all specialists of “Collegia” group of companies.

    We help you to earn and to protect the earned!