About Us

Valuers’ Collegia was established by professionals to provide the following services:

  • Valuation of real estate;
  • Valuation of machinery, equipment, inventory;
  • Valuation of transport vehicles;
  • Valuation of land plots;
  • Revaluation of fixed assets.

Our valuers are certified by State Committee on Property and qualified to evaluate different objects of civil law rights in the territory of the Republic of Belarus in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation.

Valuers’ Collegia specialists have extensive knowledge and over ten years work experience (Licence №159 dated May 13, 2000 for performing valuation of property as a non-monetary contribution to the authorized capital of a legal body, issued on the ground of Resolution of the Council for Licensing and Certification at the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus №5 dated May 13, 2000).

For the time of our work we have performed valuation of more than 1000 real estate units with different functional purposes, more than 15000 units of equipment, machinery and transport vehicles in different regions of Belarus.

We evaluate objects of civil law rights for the following purposes:

  • Sale;
  • Non-monetary contribution to the authorized capital of a legal body;
  • Statutory revaluation by the method of direct appraisal;
  • Mortgage to obtain a loan;
  • Full or partial transfer of rights to the property being valued;
  • Property dispute resolution;
  • Compensation of damage;
  • Implementation of managerial decisions;
  • Other purposes not inconsistent with the applicable law.

Valuers’ Collegia specialists evaluate objects of civil law rights both in and outside the Republic of Belarus.

Cost of our professional valuation services depends on the number of objects, availability of identical objects, amount of work, performance time, availability of technical documentation and purposes of valuation, and is determined upon conversation with the Client