HR Management


HR record keeping is a statutory duty for every legal entity of the Republic of Belarus. In this regard HR management falls within close attention of the regulatory authorities.

A company’s entry into a market, its operation and growth is associated with hiring new employees, executing labor contracts, agreements, orders, employees’ files and employment record books, establishing work time and vacation schedules, implementing incentives and penalties schemes, dismissing, drafting internal regulations, employees rating, ensuring health and safety protection – long story short, with HR record keeping established by the legislation.

COLLEGIA Law Firm offers effective solutions for your business in the field of human resources management providing you an opportunity to focus on your company’s high-priority tasks without thinking about possible risks:

Ø PROFESSIONAL HR AUDIT: examination of HR work carried out in a company, sample or total examination of documents, report and recommendations on the ground of conducted audit.

Ø HR DOCUMENTS RESTORATION: drafting of a company’s documents required in the field of HR recordkeeping.

Ø HR RECORD GREENFIELD ORGANIZATION: preparation of a set of documents required (necessary) for an employer and «adjustment» of HR paperwork. We also offer a start set of documents for setting up a business.

Ø HR DOCUMENTATION AND INTERNAL POLICIES: development of HR policy, regulations and procedures that regulate a company’s operations.

Ø ASSISTANCE IN INSPECTIONS: professional legal support during HR inspection of a company.

Benefits of working with COLLEGIA Law Firm specialists:

· You pay only for the actual work performed;

· You obtain the services in a volume you need;

· You don’t incur expenses related to a workplace organization for a full time employee (office, computer, furniture, etc.);

· You save expenses on a HR specialist in connection with vacations, sick leave;

· You don’t spend time on monitoring changes to the labor legislation;

· You minimize risks in the HR area of business.

COLLEGIA Law Firm’s HR management (legal support) service fee:

Service Description

Service includes


Remote HR management + answers to inquiries of a Client’s employees via emails

HR record keeping to the extent required by the labor legislation (Labor Code)

from 20 rubles/man-hour*

Remote HR management + answers via emails + consulting by telephone

HR record keeping to the extent required by the Labor Code

from 30 rubles/man-hour*

Remote HR management + answers via emails + consulting by telephone + visits to an employer’s office

HR record keeping to the extent required by the Labor Code. Consultations and explanations regarding the Labor Code application (without consultations limits)

calculated depending on the projected volume of work in the office

* HR record keeping, fee: the minimal amount of a service contract is 600 rubles per month.

The expert of COLLEGIA Law Firm in HR record management will find a solution even to the most challenging task!

For more detailed information please contact the certified lawyer of COLLEGIA Law Firm Natallia Lesina: