About us

The main area of COLLEGIA Law Firm activities is legal services (Special permission (licence) №02240/110 for rendering legal services (registered in the Register of Licences of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus under No.110).

COLLEGIA renders continuous legal services to companies conducting their business in Belarus and abroad, provides full range of services related to advisory and legal support of business and ensures its economic security, which is necessary for effective management decision- making. We provide our Clients with reliable information on Belarusian legislation so that they can take the most appropriate decisions on setting up, organization and conduct of business.

Comprehensive support that we provide for your business comprises aid and advice in legal matters related to business activities and professional consultancy in corporate, tax, labor and other fields of law.

We ensure maximum protection of your interests when preparing documents and help you to see the potential impact of provisions stated in the agreements you have already concluded. Providing legal support of a transaction or a project we will ensure that a transaction structure or project implementation plan is designed, a draft agreement ensuring project implementation is prepared, and responsibilities are set out and mechanisms for securing the performance of obligations by contracting parties are provided; we will also ensure further legal support of a transaction or project, including judicial protection.

The atmosphere of trust, confidentiality and close cooperation are the cornerstone of successful relationship between COLLEGIA Law Firm and the Clients.