Employment relationship

Employment relationship is one of the most difficult and controversial one, where the employer seems to be the least protected. Collegia Law Firm specialists will provide professional assistance in forrmalizing the employment relationship with your employees and creating business-enabling environment in your company.

In the context of employment relationship Collegia Law Firm provides the following services:

  1. Audit of documents related to employer-employee relationship in legal entities of all types;
  2. Preparing documents of any complexity in the sphere of employment relations:
    • Drafting employment contracts and other arrangements between an employer and employees;
    • Drafting collective agreements, internal work order regulations, confidentiality regulations and other local regulatory acts;
    • Drafting orders, instructions and other documents;
  3. Consultation on various methods to formalize relations with employees:
    • Comprehensive consultation on personnel reduction, transfer of employees to another positions, change of key employment terms;
    • Consultation on various issues related to formation trade unions and their activities;
  4. Negotiations with employees in case of conflicts.