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Valuation of Machinery, Equipment, Inventory

Equipment valuation is necessary to determine the market value of machinery, facilities, devices, assemblies, instruments needed for proper production process. As there are many types of equipment there are also various approaches used for its valuation. According to Article 130 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus equipment is recognized as an article of movable assets along with money and securities. Valuers’ Collegia specialists determine the value of a wide range of movable assets:

  • manufacturing equipment;
  • manufacturing lines;
  • machine-tools, units;
  • office machines, appliances and equipment;
  • computers;
  • inventory and other types of equipment.

Professional independent valuation of equipment is one of the most important and quite often the only possible way to determine the real value of a company’s fixed assets. Comprehensive analysis being performed by our specialists during evaluation of equipment enables to calculate its value as precise as possible. Besides external examination, we also make detailed evaluation of condition and operability of equipment, machinery, computers, etc.

Valuation of machinery and equipment is necessary in the following cases:

  • contribution in kind to the authorized capital of a legal entity;
  • loans secured by equipment;
  • purchase/sale or lease transactions;
  • investment decisions and attraction of investors;
  • revaluation of fixed assets.

List of documents required for equipment valuation:

  • Copy of the Certificate of state registration of a legal entity (individual entrepreneur) – the owner of the item subject to valuation;
  • Copy of the inventory cards for equipment shall state the following information: name, type, brand, inventory number, date of acquisition, start-up date, depreciation rate, acquisition price;
  • Copies of equipment certificates;
  • Certificates of physical deterioration of equipment prepared by a specially established committee stating its technical condition in accordance with the rating scale.

All copies of documents provided by the Client shall be certified by the authorized person and sealed.

The Client shall provide for access to the item subject to valuation for its inspection.