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Valuation of Land Plots

Valuer’s Collegia provides professional services for independent valuation of land plots and rights thereto.

Land plot valuation is necessary in the following cases:

  • land plot purchase/ sale/ lease transactions;
  • investment business planning in order to attract investors;
  • dealing with succession rights;
  • property dispute resolution;
  • other cases related to land title.

List of documents required for land plots valuation:

  • Copy of the Certificate of Title;
  • Copy of the cadastral plan of the land plot;
  • Agreement on the lease of the land plot (if any);
  • Information on the real property items located on the land plot (if any);
  • Information on land tax (lease payment);
  • Copy of the Certificate of state registration of a legal entity (individual entrepreneur) – the owner of the item subject to valuation.

All copies of documents provided by the Client shall be certified by the authorized person and sealed.

The Client shall provide for access to the item subject to valuation for its inspection.