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Valuation of Transport Vehicles

Transport vehicles should be understood to mean the following items subject to valuation:

  • road vehicles (trucks, cars, vans, special-purpose vehicles, buses, trailers and semitrailers, etc.);
  • rail vehicles (trams);
  • water transport (seacraft and rivercraft);
  • air transport (aircraft);
  • railway vehicles (carriages, locomotives, etc.).

Having extensive experience and skills Valuers’ Collegia specialists will evaluate your transport vehicles in the shortest possible time with all things considered.

Valuation of transport vehicles is necessary in the following cases:

  • contribution in kind to the authorized capital of a legal entity;
  • loans secured by transport vehicles;
  • purchase/ sale/ lease transactions;
  • investment decisions and attraction of investors;
  • revaluation of fixed assets;
  • other cases not inconsistent with the applicable law.

List of documents required for valuation of road vehicles:

  • Copy of the vehicle registration certificate;
  • Copy of the Certificate of state vehicle inspection;
  • Information on actual mileage/kilometrage.

All copies of documents provided by the Client shall be certified by the authorized person and sealed.

The Client shall provide for access to the item subject to valuation for its inspection.