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Accounting Services

Accounting services for foreign companies

UHY BusinessCollegia LLC provides assistance to foreign investors who manage or own  businesses in the Republic of Belarus, or foreign companies having their representative offices in Belarus, in all matters related to accounting, tax returns and financial statements.

Advantages of All-Inclusive Accounting Services

By using our accounting services you can be sure that the works are being performed under full control and you will receive no fines.

Failure to file even a dormant quarterly account may incur fines. The same relates to the procedure for filing reports with the statistics authorities.

Hiring a regular accountant you can never be sure of what he/she is exactly doing in the accounting software, how good he/she is doing his/her job in collecting source documents, when he/she is going to quit.

We have a dedicated team of professionals who monitor the accounting methodology and its accuracy, and can transform the national accounting standards into the accounting that meets IFRS requirements.

A team of professional accountants will provide you seamless accounting services. Our accounting software is stored on the remote servers, which is important for keeping your accounting data strictly confidential.

We can also provide you consultation on tax and financial optimization.

Outsourcing the accounting functions makes it possible for the clients of UHY BusinessCollegia LLC to focus on business processes that bring profit, and to minimize operational risks.

Our Services

We provide the following services in the field of accounting:

- maintenance of accounting and tax records;

- formation of accounting and tax ledgers;

- preparation of and filing any kind of accounting, tax, statistical and other reporting prescribed by the applicable laws;

- maintenance of personalized records and filing information with the Social Security Fund of the Republic of Belarus;

- development of accounting policies for the purpose of accounting and tax record-keeping;

- drafting of local regulations and standards;

- consultation on current business activities, including assistance in preparing and control over execution of the source documents in accordance with the applicable laws.

- giving clarifications to the tax authorities’ representatives in the course of a tax inspection on matters related to the results of works performed before the tax authorities make the report;

According to the generally accepted accounting principles UHY BusinessCollegia LLC undertakes, when performing all the above mentioned works, to keep its clients’ business secrets strictly confidential.

UHY BusinessCollegia LLC's professional liability for accounting record-keeping, tax reporting and financial statements is insured to the amount of 100 000 rubles (BYN).

We are always ready to provide you with additional information about our services upon your request.

Email: mzaskevich@uhy-bc.by