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Foreign practice

We do not sale foreign companies, offer offshores or open accounts! Collegia Law Firm provides professional consultations on legal procedures and lawful actions regarding starting up a business abroad and movement of capital.

We provide consultations and together with our colleagues from Riga (www.eurocollegia.com) assist our Clients in starting a business, opening its representative office in any country, coordinate and protect its activities abroad, build an effective system of legal relations with local agents, representatives and banks.

Our foreign practice includes:

  • legal support in receiving a permission from the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus to carry out operations related to capital movement;
  • consultation on legality of opening and procedure for opening foreign bank accounts;
  • legal support of the Client’s transactions with foreign banks;
  • consultation in the field of international taxing for the purpose of its optimization;
  • legal assistance in business organization and foundation in different foreign countries;
  • consultation on procedures for opening representative offices abroad;
  • legal support in purchasing/selling the Client’s foreign business.

We help you to earn and to protect the earned!