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Practice in the shpere of IT & Blockchain

1). We offer a full package of professional services for businesses in the IT sphere!

OUR GOAL: to make it really possible for an IT- entrepreneur to build a secure and effective business concentrating only on an IT-product and IT-project itself, - all other things (administration, accounting, taxes, legal matters and documentation) we will take upon ourselves and guarantee that the services will be provided timely and in a quality manner.

2). Services we provide for businesses in the IT sphere:

Providing as a single set accounting, consulting, legal and other services for the IT sector, we help to create professional environment that gives opportunities for progressive and planned business growth from an IT- freelancer to a resident of the Hi-Tech Park, to generate the idea of our Client and since the very beginning to represent it not as a startup, but as a real business.

3). Services for businesses in the IT sphere are provided in the form of monthly PACKAGES.

 To find more information on the cost of individualized services for businesses in the sphere of IT and Blockchain, as well as cost of monthly packages, please visit http://itstartup.by