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Business Support Services

Our 24/7 business support services is a full range of legal services aimed at protecting your business, legality of doing business and minimizing the risks associated with violation of applicable law.

Often beneficiaries are faced with a choice: to hire a lawyer or employ the services of a licensed law firm and conclude a business support contract?.. A small or newly created business has no financial possibilities to take a qualified lawyer on staff, and large businesses have most commonly such a wide range of legal issues to confront that one lawyer  cannot cover the whole spectrum of issues related to reliable support for business. It’s worth considering that you can’t always tell your in-house lawyer all the nuances of doing business, - guarantees of confidentiality cannot always be safely regulated within labor relations ... Therefore, you need a partner who will systematically, comprehensively and on a regular basis protect your business in the legal sense - a law firm with extensive long-term practice in various business areas. 

As part of business support, the specialists of Collegia Law Firm provide a full range of services: verbal and written consultation; issues related to corporate and contractual practice, personnel management; communication with state authorities with regard to drawing up inquires, notices and other documents and representing interests of the Client before such authorities, as well as other services additionally agreed upon with the Client on an individual basis. 

Business support services will give you a variety of essential advantages: 

  • a wide range of services not only in the field of legal assistance, but also in other areas together with auditors, appraisers and financial experts;
  • fees for business support services are included in the cost of products, goods, services you produce;
  • monthly cost of business support services is usually less than the cost of having an in-house lawyer (legal department);
  • money saving (no costs for calculating and paying salaries, payments to the Social Security Fund, sick leave and vacations pay, equipping a workplace, purchasing legal software, etc.);
  • fixed and reasonable cost of legal services; professional and good service; prompt attention to a matter and twenty-four-hour legal assistance to the Client.

For all questions concerning 24/7 business support services, please contact:

Partner, Certified Lawyer Yuliya Ostreiko

Tel.:     +375 (29) 608-79-47

E-mail: ostreiko@collegia.by