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Real Estate

In the course of carrying out business activities legal entities someway or other are facing different issues related to real estate, rights to real estate and transactions therewith, and in most cases it concerns acquisition and lease of real estate objects.

There are cases when improper pre-transaction preparation and superficial analysis of legislative requirements have had negative effects on business.

Preparing for a real estate transaction one should be aware that counterparties or associated persons can try to take advantage of the mistakes of the other party.

Collegia Law Firm provides legal assistance in the following matters:

  • State registration of real estate objects prescribed in cases of creation, alteration (as a result of separation, split-off, merger, replanning), dissolution.
  • State registration of rights and limitations (encumbrances) of rights to real estate in case of creation of rights and limitations (encumbrances) of rights, lapse of rights and limitations (encumbrances) of rights, termination of rights and limitations (encumbrances) of rights.
  • State registration of any real estate transactions.
  • Representation and protection of the Clients’ interests when receiving real estate documents.
  • Verification of rights and limitations (encumbrances) of rights to real estate.
  • Drafting and legal review of draft agreements and other legal documents related to real estate.